Do you offer free accounts?

All accounts will get 1000 free credits, which can be used for evaluation of our product before making a purchase.


What counts as a unique screenshot?

A unique screenshot is any combination of url and parameters that you have not requested before.

Do you cache screenshots?

Yes, we cache screenshots for 7 days.

Do you offer SLA's (service level agreements) / guarantees for uptime and screenshot processing time?

Not on our standard plans. If you require an SLA, please get in touch with us.

Am I limited to only one domain?

No, we don't limit you to any particular domain. We use the security hash to validate requests. You can make your requests from anywhere, curl on your laptop, your development server, or any number of production servers. 

Your service sucks, I want my money back

We will work with you to ensure our product meets your needs. Please help us make it better by letting us know what we can do to improve. If you're still not satisfied after 30 days you can have your money back.

I want to partner with

We're interested, reach out.